Our Rising Stars

Nautica & Cabot's Midnight Milky Way "Sassy" (Major Pointed)
Nautica's Dark Star "Henry"
Fecimus Nautica's Stargazer "Esther" (major pointed)
Nautica & Fireglory's Woke Up Feeling Dangerous "Baker" (pointed) 
Nautica's Dangerous Liaison "Zacke" 
​Nautica's Kinky Boots TKN "Kiki" (Pointed)
Nautica's Imagine This "Oscar" (Pointed)
Nautica & Inspiration's Here You Come Again "Vera"
Nautica & Inspiration's Sing In the Sunshine "Sunshine"
Nautica & Inspiration's Sweet Music Man "Dino"
Inspiration & Nautica's Hart of Dixie "Tucker''
Nautica & Inspiration's Sheeza Heartbreaker "Morgan"
Arietta & Nautica Your Secrets Safe With Me "Blair"
Arietta & Nautica Scandinavian Secret Rose "Tryg''
Nautica & Arietta Best Kept Secret "Tux''
Nautica's Your Heart Is True Ïndigo"
Nautica's Southern Belle "Blanche"

Meet our young field spaniels who are quickly making names for themselves.  These youngsters are growing by leaps and bounds and establishing themselves within the breed!