Purposefully Bred Field Spaniels by a Preservation Breeder
Why buy from a preservation breeder?

We purposefully breed purebred dogs that are intentionally bred for predictability, type, health and welfare.

Purebred dogs whole being is based on purpose and none of it happens randomly.

Purebred dogs are bred for specific breed purpose and type.  With this comes an inherited and predisposed intellect and disposition for purpose.  We have predictable weight, height, shape, proportions, color, coat texture and all things you would expect from a field spaniel.

We breed towards greater health and predictable health patterns.

Our purposefully bred dogs are brought into this world with a dedicated breeder and lifetime mentor.  

Predictability, health, heritage and dedicated to the future welfare of Field Spaniels.

We are proud to be purpose bred, preservation breeders creating happier healthier future for our dogs.